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General surgery residency in numbers

1569 categorical and 1136 preliminary general surgery residency positions offered are around 8% of all residency positions. 99.7% of categorical positions were filled during the main match. The match rate is around 83% for US MDs, 69% for DOs, and 42/30% for US/non-US IMGs. Only 54% of preliminary positions were filled during the main match while the rest of preliminary positions were filled during the SOAP. To leave places for the SOAP for highly qualified candidates is a traditional behavior for general surgery preliminary residency. With just a 50% match rate among interviewed US MD candidates scored Step 2 < 230, general surgery is a competitive specialty even for US MDs.

Top size Surgery residency programs by state

ID Program State

4400121022 University of Alabama Medical Center Alabama

4400121020 Brookwood Baptist Health Surgery residency program

4400111024 University of South Alabama

4400421029 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Surgery residency program Arkansas

4400321027 University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson Arizona

4400322025 Maricopa Medical Center

4400322026 University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix

4400521052 University of California (San Francisco) California

4400521031 University of California (Davis) Health System

4400521056 Los Angeles County-Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

4400721058 University of Colorado Surgery residency program Colorado

4400722057 Saint Joseph Hospital

4400700061 HealthONE

4400821064 Yale-New Haven Medical Center Connecticut

4400821390 University of Connecticut

4400813428 Danbury Hospital Surgery residency program

4401000072 MedStar Health District of Columbia

4401021070 Howard University

4401021069 George Washington University

4400911067 Christiana Care Health Services Delaware

4401121074 Jackson Memorial Hospital/Jackson Health System Surgery residency program Florida

4401121072 University of Florida

4401100436 Florida Atlantic University Charles E Schmidt College of Medicine

4401221079 Emory University Georgia

4401221397 Morehouse School of Medicine

4401231082 Medical College of Georgia

4401412008 Tripler Army Medical Center Surgery residency program Hawaii

4401421085 University of Hawaii

4401821107 University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Iowa

4401822105 Central Iowa Health System (Iowa Methodist Medical Center)

4401800437 Iowa Medical Education Collaborative Surgery residency program

4401621099 Loyola University Illinois

4401621091 McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University

4401621395 University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago

4401721103 Indiana University School of Medicine Indiana

4401700437 St Vincent Hospitals and Health Care Center

4401921387 University of Kansas (Wichita) Kansas

4401921108 University of Kansas School of Medicine

4401900388 Research Medical Center/Menorah Medical Center

4402021112 University of Kentucky College of Medicine Kentucky

4402021113 University of Louisville Surgery residency program

4402000114 University of Kentucky College of Medicine (Bowling Green)

4402121114 Louisiana State University Louisiana

4402121423 Tulane University

4402122115 Ochsner Clinic Foundation

4402431132 Massachusetts General Hospital Massachusetts

4402431409 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

4402421135 Brigham and Women's Hospital

4402321392 Johns Hopkins University Maryland

4401011007 National Capital Consortium

4402321128 University of Maryland

4402221119 Maine Medical Center Maine

4402200120 Maine Medical Center (Rural Track)

4402521148 Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University Michigan

4402521141 University of Michigan

4402512158 William Beaumont Hospital

4402621163 Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester) Minnesota

4402631162 University of Minnesota

4402611161 Hennepin County Medical Center

4402821388 Washington University/B-JH/SLCH Consortium Missouri

4402821166 University of Missouri-Columbia

4402821171 St Louis University School of Medicine

4402721165 University of Mississippi Medical Center Mississippi

4402731002 Keesler Medical Center

4403631250 Wake Forest University School of Medicine North Carolina

4403621245 University of North Carolina Hospitals Surgery residency program

4403611248 Vidant Medical Center/East Carolina University Surgery residency program

4403721379 University of North Dakota North Dakota

4403031175 Creighton University Nebraska

4403021176 University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine

4403221177 Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center New Hampshire

4403321187 Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Surgery residency program New Jersey

4403300198 Rutgers New Jersey Medical School/St Barnabas Medical Center

4403321182 Monmouth Medical Center

4403421190 University of New Mexico New Mexico

4403100379 Mountain View Hospital Nevada

4403100380 Valley Health System

4403121378 University of Nevada School of Medicine (Las Vegas)

4403521202 Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine New York

4403513411 Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

4403521225 Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

4403821399 Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals Case Medical Center Ohio

4403821266 Wright State University

4403821264 Ohio State University Hospital

4403921273 University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Oklahoma

4403921274 University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine (Tulsa)

4403900275 Oklahoma State University Center For Health Sciences

4404021278 Oregon Health & Science University Oregon

4404000279 Samaritan Health Services-Corvallis Surgery residency program

4404121287 Penn State Milton S Hershey Medical Center Pennsylvania

4404121300 Temple University Hospital

4404121302 University of Pennsylvania

4404221313 University of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

4404221435 Hospital Episcopal San Lucas/Ponce School of Medicine

4404321314 Brown University Rhode Island

4404521315 Medical University of South Carolina South Carolina

4404511317 Greenville Health System/University of South Carolina Surgery residency program

4404500319 Grand Strand Regional Medical Center

4404600001 University of South Dakota School of Medicine South Dakota

4404721327 Vanderbilt University Medical Center Tennessee

4404721324 University of Tennessee

4404711321 University of Tennessee Medical Center at Knoxville Surgery residency program

4404821334 Baylor College of Medicine Texas

4404821331 University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

4404821338 University of Texas Health Science Center School of Medicine at San Antonio

4404921340 University of Utah Utah

4405132015 Naval Medical Center (Portsmouth) Virginia

4405121342 University of Virginia

4405121344 Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

4405021341 University of Vermont Medical Center Vermont

4405421348 University of Washington Washington

4405432347 Swedish Medical Center/First Hill

4405412349 Virginia Mason Medical Center

4405621355 University of Wisconsin Wisconsin

4405621357 Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals

4405631356 Marshfield Clinic-St Joseph's Hospital Surgery residency program

4405521352 West Virginia University Surgery residency program West Virginia

4405521366 Marshall University School of Medicine

4405511351 Charleston Area Medical Center/West Virginia University (Charleston Division)

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Number of PGY-1 Surgery positions by state

Number of Surgery positions by state based on PGY-1 main residency Match

Percent MDs, DOs and IMGs filled PGY-1 during the main residency Match

Percent of PGY-1 Surgery MDs, DOs and IMGs by year

Surgery PGY-1 main residency Match statistics

Year Positions Filled(%) MD DO IMGs
2021 2705 80.4 1451 (53 %) 275 (10 %) 425 (15 %)
2020 2710 78.0 1443 (53 %) 233 (8 %) 420 (15 %)
2019 2555 77.6 1407 (55 %) 178 (6 %) 395 (15 %)
2018 2682 82.1 1678 (62 %) 127 (4 %) 395 (14 %)
2017 2606 80.3 1617 (62 %) 93 (3 %) 383 (14 %)

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