Residency Programs in New Mexico


Internal medicine1403400248Mountain View Regional Medical Center Internal medicine residency program

1403421247University of New Mexico

Family medicine1203421197University of New Mexico Family medicine residency program

1203421577Memorial Medical Center (Las Cruces)

1203421595University of New Mexico (Santa Fe) Rural

1203400708Hidalgo Medical Services

Surgery4403421190University of New Mexico Surgery residency program

Psychiatry4003421123University of New Mexico

Pathology-anatomic and clinical3003421218University of New Mexico

Pediatrics3203411138University of New Mexico

Obstetrics and gynecology2203421169University of New Mexico

Physical medicine and rehabilitation3403400001University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Anesthesiology0403421183University of New Mexico

Neurology1803421065University of New Mexico

Emergency medicine1103421075University of New Mexico

1123411001University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Radiology-diagnostic4203421120University of New Mexico Radiology-diagnostic residency program

Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery2803421126University of New Mexico

Orthopaedic surgery2603431093University of New Mexico

Transitional year9993400001Mountain View Regional Medical Center

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