Medical Residency in Maryland

Top size residency programs in Maryland by specialty

Specialty ID Program

Anesthesiology 0402321058 Johns Hopkins University Anesthesiology residency program

0401021190 National Capital Consortium

0402311059 University of Maryland

Child neurology 1852321027 Johns Hopkins University Child neurology residency program

1851011010 National Capital Consortium

Dermatology 0802321040 Johns Hopkins University Dermatology residency program

0801021123 National Capital Consortium

0801021106 Washington Hospital Center

Emergency medicine 1102312022 Johns Hopkins University Emergency medicine residency program

1102321101 University of Maryland

Family medicine 1202321156 University of Maryland Family medicine residency program

1202312155 MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

1202300557 Mountain State Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institutions (MSOPTI)/Meritus Medical Center

Internal medicine 1402321160 University of Maryland Internal medicine residency program

1402312159 Union Memorial Hospital

1402311153 Johns Hopkins University

Internal Medicine-Pediatrics 7002314143 Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residency program

7002332095 University of Maryland

Medical genetics and genomics 1302321043 Johns Hopkins University Medical genetics and genomics residency program

1302321022 National Institutes of Health Clinical Center

Neurological surgery 1602321034 Johns Hopkins University Neurological surgery residency program

1602321035 University of Maryland

1602313129 Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health

Neurology 1802321045 Johns Hopkins University Neurology residency program

1802331046 University of Maryland

1801021144 National Capital Consortium

Nuclear medicine 2002311035 Johns Hopkins University Nuclear medicine residency program

2002321115 University of Maryland

2001012002 National Capital Consortium

Obstetrics and gynecology 2202321114 Johns Hopkins University Obstetrics and gynecology residency program

2202321121 University of Maryland

2201021354 National Capital Consortium

Ophthalmology 2402321065 Johns Hopkins University Ophthalmology residency program

2402321068 University of Maryland

2401012004 National Capital Consortium

Orthopaedic surgery 2602321183 National Capital Consortium Orthopaedic surgery residency program

2602321057 Johns Hopkins University

2602331088 University of Maryland

Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 2802321047 Johns Hopkins University Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery residency program

2801031132 National Capital Consortium

2802321048 University of Maryland

Pathology-anatomic and clinical 3002311129 Johns Hopkins University Pathology-anatomic and clinical residency program

3001021416 National Capital Consortium

3002331135 University of Maryland

Pediatrics 3202321096 Johns Hopkins University Pediatrics residency program

3202321100 University of Maryland

3201021401 National Capital Consortium

Physical medicine and rehabilitation 3402321105 Johns Hopkins University Physical medicine and rehabilitation residency program

3401021074 National Capital Consortium

3402322021 Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

Plastic surgery 3602321037 Johns Hopkins University/University of Maryland Plastic surgery residency program

Preventive medicine 3802311015 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

3802377073 National Capital Consortium (USUHS) A

3802377072 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health A

Psychiatry 4002321289 University of Maryland/Sheppard Pratt Psychiatry residency program

4002321081 Johns Hopkins University

4002312245 National Institutes of Health Clinical Center

Radiation oncology 4302311039 Johns Hopkins University Radiation oncology residency program

4302321040 University of Maryland

4301021113 National Capital Consortium

Radiology-diagnostic 4202311077 Johns Hopkins University Radiology-diagnostic residency program

4202311079 University of Maryland

4201021247 National Capital Consortium

Surgery 4402321392 Johns Hopkins University Surgery residency program

4401011007 National Capital Consortium

4402321128 University of Maryland

Transitional year 9991000024 National Capital Consortium Transitional year residency program

9992300049 University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus

Urology 4802321060 Johns Hopkins University Urology residency program

4802321062 University of Maryland

4801021004 National Capital Consortium

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Number of positions by specialty in Maryland based on PGY-1 main residency Match

Number of  positions by specialty in Maryland based on PGY-1 main residency Match data

Maryland PGY-1 main residency Match statistics

Year Positions Filled(%) MD DO IMGs
2020 586 96.8 353 (60%) 21 (3%) 192 (32%)
2019 559 98.0 355 (63%) 20 (3%) 173 (30%)
2018 564 97.5 360 (63%) 19 (3%) 171 (30%)
2017 580 97.8 370 (63%) 18 (3%) 178 (30%)

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