Medical Residency in Washington

Top size residency programs in Washington by specialty

Specialty ID Program

Anesthesiology 0405421161 University of Washington Anesthesiology residency program

0405412162 Virginia Mason Medical Center

Child neurology 1855421047 University of Washington Child neurology residency program

Dermatology 0805431091 University of Washington

Emergency medicine 1105412051 Madigan Healthcare System

1105431210 University of Washington

Family medicine 1205421328 Swedish Medical Center/Cherry Hill Family medicine residency program

1205431326 Swedish Medical Center/First Hill

1205400716 Sea Mar Community Health Centers

Internal medicine 1405421434 University of Washington Internal medicine residency program

1405412435 Virginia Mason Medical Center

1405412010 Madigan Healthcare System

Medical genetics and genomics 1305421040 University of Washington Medical genetics and genomics residency program

Neurological surgery 1605421090 University of Washington

Neurology 1805421117 University of Washington

1805421138 Madigan Healthcare System

Nuclear medicine 2005421078 University of Washington Nuclear medicine residency program

Obstetrics and gynecology 2205421301 University of Washington

2205412010 Madigan Healthcare System

Ophthalmology 2405421159 University of Washington Ophthalmology residency program

2405421175 Madigan Healthcare System

Orthopaedic surgery 2605421036 University of Washington Orthopaedic surgery residency program

2605432178 Madigan Healthcare System

Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 2805421112 University of Washington Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery residency program

2805431005 Madigan Healthcare System

Pathology-anatomic and clinical 3005421367 University of Washington Pathology-anatomic and clinical residency program

3005412009 Madigan Healthcare System

Pediatrics 3205421358 University of Washington Pediatrics residency program

3205411010 Madigan Healthcare System

Physical medicine and rehabilitation 3405421070 University of Washington Physical medicine and rehabilitation residency program

Preventive medicine 3805488107 Madigan Healthcare System

3805477093 University of Washington

Psychiatry 4005421225 University of Washington Psychiatry residency program

4005400226 Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center

Radiation oncology 4305421107 University of Washington Radiation oncology residency program

Radiology-diagnostic 4205421205 University of Washington

4205421239 Madigan Healthcare System

4205412206 Virginia Mason Medical Center

Surgery 4405421348 University of Washington Surgery residency program

4405432347 Swedish Medical Center/First Hill

4405412349 Virginia Mason Medical Center

Transitional year 9995400146 Madigan Healthcare System Transitional year residency program

9995400145 Spokane Teaching Health Center

9995400144 Virginia Mason Medical Center

Urology 4805421155 University of Washington Urology residency program

4805411007 Madigan Healthcare System

4805400156 Virginia Mason Medical Center

Vascular surgery - integrated 4515400007 University of Washington School of Medicine Vascular surgery - integrated residency program

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Number of positions by specialty in Washington based on PGY-1 main residency Match

Number of  positions by specialty in Washington based on PGY-1 main residency Match data

Washington PGY-1 main residency Match statistics

Year Positions Filled(%) MD DO IMGs
2020 471 95.1 341 (72%) 76 (16%) 31 (6%)
2019 474 94.1 351 (74%) 71 (14%) 23 (4%)
2018 425 95.8 336 (79%) 49 (11%) 22 (5%)
2017 415 94.9 339 (81%) 38 (9%) 17 (4%)

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