Residency Programs in Minnesota

Top medical residency programs in Minnesota by PGY-1 positions


Internal medicine1402621208Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester) Internal medicine residency program

1402621205University of Minnesota

1402631204Abbott-Northwestern Hospital

1402631207Hennepin County Medical Center

Anesthesiology0402631075University of Minnesota Anesthesiology residency program

0402621076Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester)

Neurology1802621057Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester) Neurology residency program

Emergency medicine1102612028Hennepin County Medical Center

1102621144HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research/Regions Hospital

1102621161Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester)

Radiology-diagnostic4202621105Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester) Radiology-diagnostic residency program

Orthopaedic surgery2602621121Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester)

Family medicine1202611177Hennepin County Medical Center

1202621176University of Minnesota (Duluth)

Surgery4402631162University of Minnesota Surgery residency program

4402621163Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester)

Psychiatry4002621107Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester) Psychiatry residency program

Pediatrics3202621121Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester)

3202621120University of Minnesota

Internal Medicine-Pediatrics7002614034University of Minnesota Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residency program

Number of positions by specialty in Minnesota based on PGY-1 main residency Match data

Number of  positions by specialty in Minnesota based on PGY-1 main residency Match data

Minnesota PGY-1 main residency Match data

Year Positions US senior US senior % IMGs IMGs %
2019 482 349 72 72 14

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