Family medicine Residency

Family medicine offers the highest number of residency programs

The number of family medicine positions increased by around 50% past 5 years to the highest ever level of 4823 positions. It is 14% of all available residency positions spread among around 700 programs. The proportion of US MD, DO, and IMG matched applicants shifted from 45% US MD domination to near equal values. Mean USMLE Step 1 score of matched applicants equals 221 for US MDs, 218(495 COMPLEX 1) for DOs, and 211/219 for US/non-US IMGs. Mean USMLE Step 2 score of matched applicants equals 238 for US MDs, 233(526 COMPLEX 1) for DOs, and 226/229 for US/non-US IMGs. 93% of residency positions are filled during the main match and 6% during the SOAP. Around 9% of all matched US MDs, 23% of all matched DOs, and 16% of matched IMGs were matched into family medicine residency positions. With the largest number of programs and the second-largest position offerings, family medicine is the top choice for many applicants.

Top size Family medicine residency programs by state

ID Program State

1200221596 Providence Hospital/Alaska Family Medicine Alaska

1200121027 Tuscaloosa College of Community Health Sciences Alabama

1200111023 University of Alabama Medical Center (Huntsville)

1200100727 Cahaba Medical Care PC

1200400728 Baptist Health Family medicine residency program Arkansas

1200421033 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Regional Centers (Northwest)

1200411037 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Regional Centers (South Central)

1200300718 Yuma Regional Medical Center Arizona

1200331692 University of Arizona College of Medicine at South Campus Family medicine residency program

1200312028 University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix

1200511057 Arrowhead Regional Medical Center California

1200521041 University of California (San Francisco)/Fresno

1200511059 University of California (San Francisco)

1200721619 University of Colorado (University Hospital) Colorado

1200712069 St Anthony Hospital

1200712070 Saint Joseph Hospital

1200800723 Prospect Manchester Hospital Connecticut

1200821076 University of Connecticut

1200821077 Middlesex Hospital

1201021081 Howard University Family medicine residency program District of Columbia

1200911079 Christiana Care Health Services Delaware

1200900416 Bayhealth Medical Center

1200921415 St Francis Hospital

1201121015 Naval Hospital (Jacksonville) Family medicine residency program Florida

1201111088 Florida Hospital Medical Center

1201112003 US Air Force Regional Hospital/Headquarters Air Armament Center (AFMC) Family medicine residency program

1201200642 Northeast Georgia Medical Center Georgia

1201211092 The Medical Center (Columbus)

1201221009 Dwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center

1201421541 University of Hawaii Hawaii

1201421502 Tripler Army Medical Center

1201400650 Hawaii Health Systems Corporation-Hilo Medical Center

1201811134 Broadlawns Medical Center Iowa

1201821133 Genesis Health System (Quad Cities) Family medicine residency program

1201821598 Iowa Medical Education Collaborative

1201511097 Family Medicine Residency of Idaho Idaho

1201521521 Idaho State University

1201500734 Kootenai Health

1201621427 St Louis University School of Medicine (Belleville) Illinois

1201611098 MacNeal Hospital

1201611100 Loyola University/Cook County Hospital

1201711126 Indiana University School of Medicine Indiana

1201721121 Fort Wayne Medical Education

1201711123 Community Health Network

1201921630 University of Kansas (Wichita)/Via Christi Hospitals Wichita Kansas

1201911139 University of Kansas School of Medicine

1201911142 University of Kansas (Wichita)/Wesley

1202011143 St Elizabeth Medical Center Kentucky

1202021145 University of Louisville Family medicine residency program

1202000669 University of Louisville School of Medicine

1202121440 Louisiana State University (Shreveport)/Monroe Family medicine residency program Louisiana

1202121560 Baton Rouge General Medical Center

1202111149 University Hospitals and Clinics/Louisiana State University (Lafayette)

1202421644 Boston University Medical Center Massachusetts

1202421160 University of Massachusetts

1202421528 Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

1202321156 University of Maryland Maryland

1202312155 MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

1202300557 Mountain State Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institutions (MSOPTI)/Meritus Medical Center

1202222151 Maine-Dartmouth Family Medicine Maine

1202212152 Eastern Maine Medical Center Family medicine residency program

1202231154 Maine Medical Center

1202531166 Genesys Regional Medical Center Michigan

1202521425 University of Michigan Family medicine residency program

1202521167 Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners/Michigan State University Family medicine residency program

1202611177 Hennepin County Medical Center Minnesota

1202621176 University of Minnesota (Duluth)

1202621179 Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester)

1202811182 University of Missouri-Columbia Missouri

1202821183 Research Medical Center

1202821422 University of Missouri at Kansas City

1202721181 University of Mississippi Medical Center Mississippi

1202700561 Mississippi Medical Education and Research Consortium

1202721558 North Mississippi Medical Center (Tupelo)

1202900720 The University of Montana Montana

1202921590 Montana Family Medicine Residency

1203631220 University of North Carolina Hospitals North Carolina

1203611219 Mountain Area Health Education Center Family medicine residency program

1203611221 Carolinas Medical Center

1203731229 Altru Health System (Grand Forks) Family medicine residency program North Dakota

1203700683 University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences

1203731230 University of North Dakota (Minot)

1203021189 University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine Nebraska

1203021517 University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine Rural

1203031187 Lincoln Medical Education Partnership

1203200558 HCA Healthcare/Tufts University School of Medicine-Portsmouth Regional Hospital New Hampshire

1203231557 Concord Hospital/New Hampshire-Dartmouth Family Medicine

1203300683 Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine/Kennedy University/Our Lady of Lourdes Health System New Jersey

1203300685 Ocean Medical Center

1203311190 JFK Medical Center Family medicine residency program

1203421197 University of New Mexico New Mexico

1203421577 Memorial Medical Center (Las Cruces)

1203421595 University of New Mexico (Santa Fe) Rural

1203121482 University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine Nevada

1203100704 Valley Health System

1203113699 Mike O'Callaghan Federal Medical Center/Nellis Air Force Base

1203521465 Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center New York

1203521489 University at Buffalo

1203521216 SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse/St Joseph's Hospital Health Center

1203831239 Grant Medical Center (OhioHealth) Ohio

1203831243 Wright State University/Dayton Community Hospitals

1203800700 Kettering Health Network

1203921254 University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Oklahoma

1203921499 In His Image at St John Medical Center

1203921513 St Anthony Hospital

1204021371 Oregon Health & Science University Oregon

1204000730 Samaritan Health Services-Corvallis

1204000733 Oregon Health & Science University Hospital

1204100696 Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education (Scranton) Pennsylvania

1204112270 Lancaster General Hospital Family medicine residency program

1204112279 UPMC Medical Education (St Margaret Hospital)

1204221287 University of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

1204221620 Bella Vista Hospital

1204221501 Hospital Dr Alejandro Otero Lopez

1204321288 Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island/Brown University Rhode Island

1204511293 Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System South Carolina

1204511289 AnMed Health (Anderson)

1204511291 Palmetto Health/University of South Carolina School of Medicine Family medicine residency program

1204611294 Center for Family Medicine (Sioux Falls) Family medicine residency program South Dakota

1204621547 Rapid City Regional Hospital

1204600548 Center for Family Medicine

1204721299 University of Tennessee (Jackson) Tennessee

1204721453 University of Tennessee/Saint Francis

1204700729 HCA Healthcare/TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center

1204821457 Texas Tech University (Permian Basin) Family medicine residency program Texas

1204831304 John Peter Smith Hospital (Tarrant County Hospital District)

1204800726 HCA Medical City Arlington

1204921315 University of Utah Utah

1204921583 Utah Valley Regional Medical Center

1204921495 McKay-Dee Hospital Center

1205131323 VCU/Riverside Regional Medical Center Virginia

1205112012 National Capital Consortium (Fort Belvoir Community Hospital) Family medicine residency program

1205111325 Carilion Clinic-Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

1205021316 University of Vermont Medical Center Vermont

1205421328 Swedish Medical Center/Cherry Hill Washington

1205431326 Swedish Medical Center/First Hill

1205400716 Sea Mar Community Health Centers Family medicine residency program

1205611343 University of Wisconsin (Madison) Wisconsin

1205621348 Aurora Health Care

1205621670 Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals (Columbia-St Mary's)

1205521335 Marshall University School of Medicine West Virginia

1205522334 United Hospital Center

1205522338 Wheeling Hospital

1205712351 University of Wyoming (Casper) Family medicine residency program Wyoming

1205712369 University of Wyoming (Cheyenne)

1205700370 University of Wyoming College of Health Sciences

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Number of PGY-1 Family medicine positions by state

Number of Family medicine positions by state based on PGY-1 main residency Match

Percent MDs, DOs and IMGs filled PGY-1 during the main residency Match

Percent of PGY-1 Family medicine MDs, DOs and IMGs by year

Family medicine PGY-1 main residency Match statistics

Year Positions Filled(%) MD DO IMGs
2021 4823 92.7 1731 (35 %) 1440 (29 %) 1224 (25 %)
2020 4662 92.5 1663 (35 %) 1392 (29 %) 1192 (25 %)
2019 4094 93.2 1719 (41 %) 986 (24 %) 1108 (27 %)
2018 3629 96.7 1749 (48 %) 696 (19 %) 1065 (29 %)
2017 3356 95.8 1645 (49 %) 574 (17 %) 995 (29 %)

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