Urology Residency

Top size Urology residency programs by state

ID Program State

4800111014 University of Alabama Medical Center Alabama

4800421016 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Arkansas

4800312182 Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Arizona) Arizona

4800321015 University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson

4800521022 UCLA Medical Center Urology residency program California

4800511009 Naval Medical Center (San Diego)

4800521021 University of Southern California/LAC+USC Medical Center

4800721027 University of Colorado Urology residency program Colorado

4800821028 University of Connecticut Connecticut

4800811029 Yale-New Haven Medical Center

4801021030 Georgetown University Hospital/Washington Hospital Center District of Columbia

4801021031 George Washington University

4801121034 University of Florida Florida

4801121036 Jackson Memorial Hospital/Jackson Health System

4801121169 University of South Florida Morsani Urology residency program

4801221039 Emory University Georgia

4801221040 Medical College of Georgia

4801432005 Tripler Army Medical Center Hawaii

4801821052 University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Iowa

4801621045 McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University Illinois

4801621047 University of Chicago

4801621166 Loyola University Urology residency program

4801721051 Indiana University School of Medicine Indiana

4801921053 University of Kansas School of Medicine Kansas

4802021054 University of Kentucky College of Medicine Kentucky

4802021186 University of Louisville Urology residency program

4802100177 Louisiana State University School of Medicine Urology residency program Louisiana

4802121176 Ochsner Clinic Foundation/Louisiana State University

4802121058 Tulane University Urology residency program

4802411161 Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School Massachusetts

4802421064 Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School

4802422065 Lahey Clinic

4802321060 Johns Hopkins University Maryland

4802321062 University of Maryland

4801021004 National Capital Consortium

4802213187 Maine Medical Center Maine

4802521066 University of Michigan Michigan

4802500187 Detroit Medical Center Corporation

4802511067 Henry Ford Hospital/Wayne State University

4802621073 Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester) Minnesota

4802621072 University of Minnesota

4802821079 Washington University/B-JH/SLCH Consortium Missouri

4802821076 University of Missouri-Columbia

4802800080 St Louis University School of Medicine

4802721075 University of Mississippi Medical Center Mississippi

4803621112 Duke University Hospital North Carolina

4803621110 University of North Carolina Hospitals

4803621113 Wake Forest University School of Medicine

4803021081 University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine Urology residency program Nebraska

4803000082 Creighton University School of Medicine

4803221082 Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center New Hampshire

4803300191 RowanSOM/Jefferson Health/Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital New Jersey

4803321173 Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Urology residency program

4803321083 Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

4803421084 University of New Mexico New Mexico

4803521093 New York Presbyterian Hospital (Cornell Campus) New York

4803521102 Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

4803521104 New York University School of Medicine

4803822119 Cleveland Clinic Foundation Ohio

4803821118 Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals Case Medical Center

4803821120 Ohio State University Hospital

4803921123 University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Oklahoma

4804021124 Oregon Health & Science University Urology residency program Oregon

4804121134 University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

4804121135 UPMC Medical Education

4804100193 Albert Einstein Medical Center

4804231138 University of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

4804331139 Brown University Urology residency program Rhode Island

4804521140 Medical University of South Carolina South Carolina

4804721142 Vanderbilt University Medical Center Tennessee

4804721141 University of Tennessee

4804711181 University of Tennessee Medical Center at Knoxville

4804821143 University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Texas

4804821145 Baylor College of Medicine Urology residency program

4804821147 University of Texas Health Science Center School of Medicine at San Antonio

4804921149 University of Utah Utah

4805121151 University of Virginia Virginia

4805121154 Virginia Commonwealth University Health System

4805121153 Eastern Virginia Medical School

4805013188 University of Vermont Medical Center Urology residency program Vermont

4805421155 University of Washington Washington

4805411007 Madigan Healthcare System

4805400156 Virginia Mason Medical Center

4805621158 University of Wisconsin Wisconsin

4805621159 Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals Urology residency program

4805500158 Charleston Area Medical Center West Virginia

4805521157 West Virginia University Urology residency program

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