Plastic surgery Residency

Top size Plastic surgery residency programs by state

ID Program State

3600121121 University of Alabama Medical Center Alabama

3600522012 University of California (San Francisco) Plastic surgery residency program California

3600521118 University of Southern California/LAC+USC Medical Center

3600521113 University of California (Davis) Health System

3600721144 University of Colorado Colorado

3601121022 Jackson Memorial Hospital/Jackson Health System Florida

3601131139 Cleveland Clinic (Florida)

3601121019 University of Florida

3601221024 Emory University Plastic surgery residency program Georgia

3601800001 University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Iowa

3601621028 University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago Illinois

3601611026 Rush University Medical Center

3601621029 Loyola University

3601711031 Indiana University School of Medicine Indiana

3602021034 University of Louisville Plastic surgery residency program Kentucky

3602131137 Tulane University Louisiana

3602111035 Louisiana State University

3602421135 Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School Massachusetts

3602421125 Lahey Clinic

3602400136 Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

3602321037 Johns Hopkins University/University of Maryland Maryland

3602500146 Beaumont Health (Farmington Hills and Royal Oak) Michigan

3602521043 Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University Plastic surgery residency program

3602513145 Henry Ford Hospital/Wayne State University Plastic surgery residency program

3602621131 University of Minnesota Minnesota

3602721126 University of Mississippi Medical Center Mississippi

3603621073 Duke University Hospital Plastic surgery residency program North Carolina

3603013136 University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine Nebraska

3603221129 Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center New Hampshire

3603321132 Cooper Medical School of Rowan University/Cooper University Hospital New Jersey

3603300133 New York Medical College

3603521058 Nassau University Medical Center Plastic surgery residency program New York

3603521066 New York University School of Medicine

3603821075 Summa Health System/NEOMED Ohio

3603821112 University of Cincinnati Medical Center/College of Medicine

3603821081 Ohio State University Hospital

3603921085 University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Plastic surgery residency program Oklahoma

3604112143 Temple University Hospital Pennsylvania

3604121089 University of Pennsylvania

3604121090 UPMC Medical Education Plastic surgery residency program

3604522093 Medical University of South Carolina South Carolina

3604711094 University of Tennessee College of Medicine at Chattanooga Tennessee

3604731095 University of Tennessee

3604721096 Vanderbilt University

3604821097 University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Texas

3604812100 Methodist Hospital (Houston) Plastic surgery residency program

3604831101 University of Texas at Houston

3604921103 University of Utah Utah

3605111104 University of Virginia Virginia

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