IMG friendly Residency Programs in California

IMG residency in California

With more than 400 matched IMGs, California is the seventh friendly state by the number of positions filled by IMGs. At the same time, IMG friendly specialties like internal medicine of family practice have only around 20% of IMGs. Only pathology has more than 25% of positions filled by IMGs, while other specialties have < 10%.

California Postgraduate Training License

California Postgraduate Training License(PTL) is required for the first 36 months of training for all residents including IMGs. Trainees have 180 days after starting the residency to obtain the PTL. Applicant's medical school must be recognized by California Medical Board. ECFMG eligible schools listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools satisfy this requirement.
Residents can apply for the transition to California medical license after 32 months of training. Here are the some Medical Board of California specific requirements for license:

  • Minimum 3 years of postgraduate training. (must include 24 continuous months in the same program)
  • Maximum 4 attempts at USMLE Step 3. (Business and Professions Code Section 2177)
  • Passing scores are valid for a period of 10 years from the month of the examination.

Top 10 IMG friendly residencies in California

Top IMG friendly specialties in California based on PGY-1 main residency Match statistics

Top IMG friendly in California by number

  1. Internal medicine (190 IMGs)
  2. Family medicine (136 IMGs)
  3. Emergency medicine (30 IMGs)
  4. Pediatrics (29 IMGs)
  5. Pathology-anatomic and clinical (20 IMGs)
  6. Surgery (17 IMGs)
  7. Psychiatry (15 IMGs)
  8. Neurology (8 IMGs)
  9. Transitional year (7 IMGs)
  10. Obstetrics and gynecology (5 IMGs)
Most IMG friendly specialties in California by percent matched PGY-1

Top IMG friendly in California by percent

  1. Pathology-anatomic and clinical (33% IMGs)
  2. Family medicine (25% IMGs)
  3. Internal medicine (18% IMGs)
  4. Radiology-diagnostic (14% IMGs)
  5. Neurological surgery (13% IMGs)
  6. Emergency medicine (11% IMGs)
  7. Neurology (11% IMGs)
  8. Thoracic surgery - integrated (11% IMGs)
  9. Pediatrics (9% IMGs)
  10. Surgery (9% IMGs)
Most IMG friendly specialties in California by percent matched PGY-1

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