Top 10 IMG Friendly Residency Programs in Minnesota


Medical genetics and genomics1302621011Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester) IMG friendly Medical genetics and genomics residency program

Pathology-anatomic and clinical3002621179Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester)

Plastic surgery3602621047Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester)

Family medicine1202611177Hennepin County Medical Center

1202621650University of Minnesota/University of Minnesota Medical Center

Preventive medicine3802621020Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester) IMG friendly Preventive medicine residency program

Family medicine1202621586University of Minnesota/St Cloud Hospital

Pathology-anatomic and clinical3002631178University of Minnesota

Psychiatry4002621285Hennepin County Medical Center/Regions Hospital

Surgery4402621163Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester)

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