IMG Friendly Residency Programs in Alabama

Top 10 IMG Friendly in Alabama


Internal medicine1400121447University of Alabama Medical Center (Montgomery) Internal medicine residency program

1400100893University of Alabama Hospital

1400111024University of South Alabama

Neurology1800131004University of Alabama Medical Center Neurology residency program

Family medicine1200121624Baptist Outreach Services (Montgomery)

1200121027Tuscaloosa College of Community Health Sciences

1200131020St Vincent's East

Pathology-anatomic and clinical3000111019University of South Alabama Pathology-anatomic and clinical residency program

3000131018University of Alabama Medical Center

Pediatrics3200121019University of South Alabama Pediatrics residency program

Top IMG friendly specialties in Alabama based on PGY-1 main residency Match data

Top IMG friendly in Alabama by number

  1. Internal medicine (39 IMGs)
  2. Family medicine (18 IMGs)
  3. Pediatrics (11 IMGs)
  4. Pathology-anatomic and clinical (5 IMGs)
  5. Surgery (3 IMGs)
  6. Psychiatry (2 IMGs)
  7. Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (2 IMGs)
  8. Neurology (1 IMGs)
  9. Emergency medicine (1 IMGs)
  10. Child neurology (1 IMGs)
Most IMG friendly specialties in Alabama by percent matched PGY-1

Top IMG friendly in Alabama by percent

  1. Child neurology (50% IMGs)
  2. Pathology-anatomic and clinical (45% IMGs)
  3. Internal medicine (36% IMGs)
  4. Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (33% IMGs)
  5. Pediatrics (28% IMGs)
  6. Family medicine (25% IMGs)
  7. Psychiatry (15% IMGs)
  8. Surgery (12% IMGs)
  9. Neurology (10% IMGs)
  10. Emergency medicine (6% IMGs)
Most IMG friendly specialties in Alabama by percent matched PGY-1

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